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  • TV anti-dumping ruling is a foregone conclusion Chinese overseas OEM production.
    Although several color TV companies said it will appeal against the U.S. TV anti-dumping case, but China's color TV export strategy is easy to attack the major mistakes is an indisputable fact. The result of the anti-dumping case shows that the color TV enterprises in China already have the ability to become international, but lack the experience of internationalization.. Statistics show that in the next few years, the domestic color TV industry capacity will be more than 35000000 units, looking for the release of capacity to become a top priority. In anti-dumping case outcome is a foregone conclusion of the case, China's color TV export strategy was forced to a major adjustment, mainly to large-scale OEM export and labor intensive cheap, low tech products export model will gradually fade out the stage of history. But the United States and the EU and other markets are the mainstream market after China's entry into WTO and can't be avoided.. Therefore, some of the existing enterprise with forward-looking export strategy will become China's color TV exports of new force.
  • Enterprises need to move to the international market
    The use of the country's market advantages, is a lot of companies to enter the international market to take the usual practice. The same category of products, and even the same brand, in different countries, show different values. For example, Boeing is by including 15000 factories in China, including 28 countries for the production of zero, components, and finally in the United States loaded into the machine, manufactured in the United States on behalf of the exports, its worth increase. And the same is the technology of McDonnell Douglas, zero of all production in the United States, component, thus produced the McDonnell Douglas Aircraft is hard to export, the domestic civil aviation also refused to accept it. Of course, there are a lot of factors, mainly in the short term of China's origin of this difficult to change in the short term business psychology, forming a production advantage.
  • OEM development to the ODM industry upgrade
    Not all businesses have the strength of Konka to invest abroad. However, the following examples can provide some reference for the majority of enterprises.
    In Nasdaq stocks generally fell, its rating on the stock to be upregulated in part because: it does not satisfy the in simple product assembly, but begin to get involved in the design of the products, products from drawings to finished the whole process can be completed, from OEM to ODM.
  • The legal problems and solutions in OEM
    Legal problems in OEM
    1 the parties lack the legal awareness of contract
    2 the trademark provided by the principal is the trademark of the third person
    3 OEM vendors are not the consent of the parties to the free market to sell OEM products
    4 OEM manufacturers in the sale of products in violation of the provisions of the Trademark Law of China
    5 OEM marked on the product manufacturers, the fake site, origin

  • OEM development history
    OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is a large-scale socialized production, cooperation trend of a kind of way that must be taken, and rationalization of resources is one of the effective ways is the results of large-scale socialized production. In Europe, as early as in the 1960s had been established OEM nature of Industry Association, 1998, OEM production and trade has reached 350 billion euros, accounting for more than 14% of the total industrial output value of Europe, OEM production has become an important part of modern industrial production. With the further acceleration of the economic globalization, OEM is likely to choose OEM suppliers in a wider range, especially for the low cost countries and regional transfer..
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