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  • OMOC改善優秀獎案例報道
  • But why use the speakers instead of directly to the speaker to listen to the sound?
    We know that the speaker's vocal components are speakers, but why use the speakers, rather than directly take the speaker to listen to?
    Speakers of the reason of the existence of the box to, mainly in order to prevent the front side and the back side of the loudspeaker diaphragm acoustic signal directly to form a loop, resulting in only small wavelength of high frequency sound can spread out, and other voice signal is superimposed offset.
  • Speaker purchase skills
    For a pair of speakers to understand initially available "view, weigh in hand, knocking, recognize steps to identify: a process view, second weigh weight, three knock box, four brand recognition.
    A process is from first as speaker appearance to judge the time and quality: with natural wood Seiko create speakers, of course, the best, many high price level of the world famous supreme speakers, including Italian Chario (Chario), Guarneri homage (Ming Qin) and so on, but the box because of the environmental protection and the difficulty of processing technology of resource scarcity. Long time will not be adoption like everywhere visible "Rejoice" shampoo, the price is certainly not low. So common speakers are to MDF MDF surface deposited with a thin layer of veneer decoration: apply true veneer Seiko exterior speakers, especially if Suanzhi, birdseye, pear, walnut, Phoebe Zhennan, red oak and rare wood, its natural wood grain visually stunning, feel creamy comfort. Especially with symmetrical butterfly pattern true veneer multi-layer coated complex grinding piano lacquer person, most of them are visible in high-end boutique speakers, counterfeit products is very few. PVC (Sapele veneer plastic) box is popular, although the fine workmanship, best cheap goods. And to wood grain paper veneer decoration box although it looks very should pay more attention to the box body behind stick skin seams and horn mounting a dig rolling process is accurate place. Fake and inferior products generally do not pay attention to these details, and thus a little bit to correct judgment.
  • Speaker maintenance
    Sound box is the important part of the whole sound system, the value of the whole system is about half so that it must be properly treated.
    To avoid placed in direct sun exposure in the place, don't get too close to the thermal radiation equipment, the fiery furnace, heating pipes and so on, also do not placed in damp places.
    Before connecting the sound box to the amplifier, the power supply of the amplifier should be cut off to avoid damaging the speaker.
    And the feeder connection with the amplifier should be safe, when the pull can not fall, positive and negative polarity can not be picked up. The feeder of the connecting loudspeaker should be thick enough, not too long, lest cause loss and make the damping go bad.. The maximum length of 0.5dB (21m lead is 9cm, the maximum length of 1.5mm2 lead is 14m, the maximum length of 2.0mm2 conductor is 0.75mm2.
    It should pay attention to whether the speaker's impedance amplifier for the recommended value
  • Development history of sound box
    Since the dawn of human dream, we always try hope that one day I can leave the sounds of nature, hidden in the bosom, even will they repeat playback. The hope to try to finally got his wish is human in electric and acoustic exploration gradually worked, gradual growth process.
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